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Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the lives of all humankind (Qur'an 5:32).

The mission and goals of our charity

Our objective is to alleviate poverty, provide healthcare assistance, and advance education.

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Orphanages care

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Year in Review: BRS Trust's Impact on the Community

Dear Valued Donors,

As we reflect on the past year, we are filled with gratitude for your unwavering support and commitment to BRS Trust. Your generosity has enabled us to make a significant difference in the lives of many vulnerable individuals and families within our community. Here is an overview of our accomplishments and the impact of your donations over the past year.

Monthly Stipends Program

Through our Monthly Stipends Program, we have provided critical financial support to 66 families, helping them meet their basic needs and improve their quality of life. Our recipients include:

  • 21 Widows: Receiving a monthly stipend of ৳500 each, providing much-needed financial relief.
  • 8 Seniors: Supported with a monthly stipend of ৳500 each, ensuring they can live with dignity.
  • 12 Disabled Individuals: Receiving monthly stipends to aid their daily living expenses.
  • Orphans: Provided with support to ensure they have the resources for their care.
  • 18 Individuals Facing Poverty: Granted monthly stipends to help alleviate their economic challenges.
  • 5 Divorcees: Receiving monthly financial support to help rebuild their lives.

Addressing the Rising Cost of Living

This year, we faced the challenge of rising costs, which necessitated an increase in our monthly stipends to ৳1,000. This adjustment ensures that our beneficiaries can continue to meet their essential needs. Despite this increase, the need remains great, and there are still families on our waiting list who urgently need support.

Additional Initiatives

In addition to our monthly stipends, we have undertaken several other initiatives to support our community:

  • Healthcare Assistance: Providing medical aid and support for those in need.
  • Educational Support: Offering scholarships and educational materials to underprivileged students.
  • Community Development Projects: Initiating programs aimed at improving infrastructure and access to essential services.

Looking Forward

As we look to the future, our goal is to expand our reach and support even more families in need. To achieve this, we rely on the continued generosity of donors like you. Your contributions are vital in helping us increase the stipends and extend our support to those on our waiting list.

Call to Action

We invite you to join us in making an even greater impact. Your additional donations can help us raise the stipend amount to ৳1,000 for all recipients and support more families awaiting assistance. Together, we can bring stability and hope to the most vulnerable members of our community.

Thank You

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our donors for your trust and support. Your kindness has made a profound difference, and we look forward to your continued partnership in the coming year.

BRS Trust Financial Summary

ItemQuantityCost (Total)Cost (per unit)Cost per unit (৳)Notes
Islamic school250£2,500.00£10.00৳1500
Orphans900£3,000.00£3.33৳500Food for orphans in 3 Madrasahs
School admissions60£1,500.00£25.00৳3700
Ramadhan Packages400£4,000.00£10.00৳1500Rice, Lentil, Oil, Salt, Onions, Potato
Eid grant500£2,500.00£5.00৳750Clothing and cash for food
Financial support100£12,000.00£120.00৳18000Cash grant

Whosoever saves a life, it is as if they have saved the lives of all humankind (Qur'an 5:32).

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